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Modern Wineries of South Africa features remarkable photographs of a number of top South African modern wineries. The wineries presented are shown to be a representation of the evolution of the SA wine-making industry. This fantastic journey, presented by Hugh Fraser documents the way the industry appeals through architecture and philosophy to the sophisticated wine-drinking market.


Hugh Fraser was born in Johannesburg and trained as an architect. Given his fascination with travel, he was inspired to travel the world to record the built environment on film. At present he is employed by Glass South Africa to explore exciting new opportunities made possible by technological developments, and to ensure that buildings do not exist in a vacuum but serve as a reflection of the way we live. It could be argued that few buildings better embody this philosophy than those devoted to wine and all its alchemical processes, strikingly captured in the book Modern Wineries.

Modern Wineries of South Africa

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9814287-9-7
    SIZE 290 X 280 MM • HARD COVER • ISBN 978-0-9814287-9-7

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