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Bring a little french country style to your table. Casual serviettes that can be used every day.


The Provincial Stripe Serviette is a prime example of a happy marriage. Woven with a cotton warp and a linen weft, our Provincial Stripe Serviettes get the best of both worlds – the durability and feel of linen and the softness and crease resistance of cotton.


The colourful stripe detail is inspired by antique French sacking material. In 19th-century France, grain sacks were often hand woven and homespun out of a thick, durable fibre like linen or hemp. The addition of woven-in coloured stripes played a significant role. Different colours represented the contents of the sack, whilst the stripe designs helped farmers identify their own sacks after the chaos of a market, ensuring the rightful owners transported their sacks back to the farm or mill.

Today the vintage French grain sack has become an iconic feature of the country-style decor movement.

To make your table setting super snazzy, pair up with matching Provincial Stripe serviettes or the Kinsail serviettes.

Provincial Stripe Serviette - French Navy on white

    • Designed Woven & Made in South Africa

    • Linen & Cotton

      • Hemmed finish
      • 40' Machine wash
      • Warm iron
      • Tumble dry at low heat
      • Do not bleach
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